Web Development and Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design allows your website to function on different screen sizes and orientations, from smartphones to large monitors, regardless of the operating system and internet browser.

What we do

We Strive

  • to get you noticed,
  • express your full potential,
  • and leave lasting impressions.

We provide

  • a personalized web experience,
  • affordable solutions,
  • a logical and simple approach.

We customize

  • no cookie cutter designs and colors
  • we tailor to your needs and taste

Define Your Business

Let prospective clients know the benefits of your services and the value of your products.

Define your company's identity, history and business philosophy.

Help people relate to you as a brand and provide a means of direct communication.

Promote Yourself

Websites for individuals are a great way to let others know what you are all about personally, professionally or both.

Your website can be open to the public and search engines, or password protected .

Unlike other third party sites, there will be no ads, distractions or other people competing within your personal space....it will be all about you and the things that you do.

Screen Size Matters

Today, people are literally on the move. This means that more and more people rely on their mobile devices to connect to the internet.

Unfortunately, most of the older generation websites cannot be viewed properly on smaller mobile screens.

Companies with large budgets solve these problems by paying coders to make alternate mobile webs or custom apps.

We use Responsive Web Design to insure your website will work on today's most popular devices and platforms, at a fraction of the cost.

Use It for Success!

Social media offers a means to interact with your existing clients and the ability to identify, target and receive instant feedback from more than three billion potential consumers.

An ever growing number of people are using the internet to research companies and make purchasing decisions. Today, online reviews and opinions can potentially make or break your business. Savvy business owners and managers can grow their success by insuring positive reviews, while addressing negative feedback.

Another way to use social media is to provide useful and relevant information through blogs, chat rooms and video in an effort to attract and engage consumers.

We can set up the required protocols in order for you to engage and use social media to its full potential.


web design

we impress and inform using unique design and imagery

web development

latest technologies at your disposal and within your budget

social media

tapping into the largest gathering of people in history

unique images and design

  • As Internet speeds increase, websites are able to express their uniqueness by using ever larger photos, images and video.
  • Most designers rely on stock images, which can seem impersonal or detached from the actual subject matter. We try not to rely on off the shelve imagery, we use photos of the client's operations, unique images from our collection or images provided by our partners.
  • We also may use images from our clients as long as they meet our requirements.
  • We rely on proven web technology, coupled with stunning visuals, in order to create unique web design while keeping costs low.

Things to Know

Appearance and function are the two most critical web design criteria.

The flow or path of the site needs to guide users in an intuitive and logical manner.

The volume and presentation of the subject matter needs to inform while keeping user interest and attention span in mind. We use a critical hierarchy by presenting the most crusial aspects of the subject matter up-front while providing less critical information within reach of those who require it.

The trick is to design a website which is informative but not overwhelming, stunning but not flashy, and structured to retain user focus.

We will strive to incorporate the most unique, interesting and appropriate elements in order to create a unique and pleasing website.

Websites can be for simple use such as displaying text and pictures or for more complex and interactive use such as shopping sites, survey sites and so on.

Website architecture should reflect function and nature of the content being presented. A site can be one page presented vertically, or broken into many pages and many functions which link to each other and elsewhere.

Website architecture relies on computer code and scripts. The code can be in the form of individual scripts, or part of an elaborate system with a central control panel and the ability to add more script and modules. These elaborate systems allow for easier management across the entire website and can be used by people not familiar with web technology.

At cygin, we can determine the most suitable technology for your needs. Our goal is to have your site up and running with the capabilities you need and within your budget.

Website developers need to contend with several variables in order to make a website functional:

First, they need to address the hardware. There are a variety of smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops made by different manufacturers with different size display screens.

Second, they need to be aware of the software or operating systems running the hardware, i.e. Windows, Apple OS, Android, and etc.

Third, they need to keep in mind the kind of internet browser these devises and operating systems use, i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and the list goes on.

The strategy is to develop websites which will work in the most popular and prevailing systems.

Traditionally, the popular systems have been desktops and laptops running Windows and Apple OS using the mentioned web browsers. As of circa 2014, mobile users have surpassed the desktop/laptop users in connecting to the internet.

In addition, today's website developers need to keep in mind the dominant mobile systems such as Apple phones and tablets, Samsung phones and tablets and others running the most popular operating systems and using a variety of mobile browsers.

In reality, it may be too overwhelming to develop a website architecture that will work on all systems uniformly and flawlessly, the technology is evolving but not perfect.

Luckily, there are technologies available to operate in today's most popular hardware and software systems.

At cygin, we use such technologies in order to accommodate for specific needs. While each system has pros and cons, we will do our best to have your website function, as intended, for the majority of your potential users.